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My name is Lida Houkes, I am a photographer based close to Rotterdam.
Photography has always been my passion. I developed my eye and techniques following courses and workshops.
In 2018 I took it to the next level and graduated from the School voor Fotografie in Breda.

Streetphotography has my biggest interest. Out there on the streets searching for an image that cannot be staged.
It is an adventure every single time to capture a scene in which people play a small or a bigger role...
...but always an essential one.

"My 'work' is about seeing, not about ideas" - Elliot Erwitt

If you are interested in seeing my work, my art photography will be exhibited on:

  • February 1st till March 31st 2023 at De Kristal, Korfoepad 233, 3059 XD Rotterdam.
  • April 1st and 2nd 2023 (12 - 17 h) during Kunst- en Atelierroute at Van Cappellenhuis, Dorpsstraat 164, 2903 LB Capelle aan den IJssel.
  • April 1st till June 30th 2023 at Bibliotheek Ommoord (library), Briandplaats 21, 3068 JJ Rotterdam.
  • October 2nd till December 29th 2023 at Rijckehove, Tsjaikovskistraat 1, 2901 HM Capelle aan den IJssel